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The Blind Relief Association focuses on providing education and training to the visually challenged, enabling them to realize their potential and be self reliant.


11 August 2017


for B.Ed.Special Education (Visual Impairment) Course offered at DURGABAI DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION,
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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4th Admission List

3 August 2017


for B.Ed.Special Education (Visual Impairment) Course offered at DURGABAI DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION,
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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29 July 2017

Diploma in Computer Education (V.I)

 Fourth List of Selected Candidates- 2017-18

Father’s Name
Rajni Bala
Subhash Chand
Heena Zhala
Rajesh Zhala

1.  1. Admission is subject to verification of original documents.
2.T2. The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.
3.  3. The last date to deposit fees is 31st  July 2017.

4.  4. No seats are available in the Girls Hostel.  

28 July 2017


Devoted to cooking activity, it was an unusual training day for the vocational trainees of the BRA.  A 26-member team of volunteers from Mercer,  led by Mr.Alok Luthra conducted a basic cooking workshop for them.  They were first explained about various steps involved in cooking. How to use gas stove and what precautions to be taken, hygienic washing of vegetables in water, safely peeling vegetables, the nutritional value vegetables, dals and rice and other food grains we generally eat. However the most exciting part was taking part in practical cooking. End product was mouth-watering Adraki Aloo Gobhi, Arhar Dal Tadka and rice cooked by the participants. 

Thank you Alok and the entire Mercer team of volunteers for making this morning such a deliciously educative experience.


27 July 2017


for B.Ed.Special Education (Visual Impairment) Course offered at DURGABAI DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION,
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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26 July 2017

Diploma in Computer Education (V.I)
Third List of Selected Candidates- 2017-18

Father’s Name
Harish Dua
Lal Babu Kumar
Aklu Thakur
Naresh Kumar
Suman Kumar
Ram Padarth Singh

1.     1. Admission is subject to verification of original documents.
2.     2. The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.
3.     3. The last date to deposit fees is 28th July 2017.
4.     4. No seats are available in the Girls Hostel.  

24 July 2017

23rd July 2017



The Second Admission list of the B.Ed./ B.Ed. Special Education (V.I.)/B.Ed.  Special Education (M.R.)/ M.Ed. Programmes are expected to be displayed on Tuesday, 25th July 2017.

Candidates should keep seeing the website for the same.

Head & Dean 
Faculty of Education

21 July 2017

Diploma in Computer Education (V.I)

Second List of Selected Candidates- 2017-18

Father’s Name
Hasib Alam Khan
Anjali Singh
Raj Bahadur Singh
Kapil Dev Sharma
Shyam Sharan
Manovriti Kumari
Rudreshwar Kishore Mandal
Abhimanyu Kumar Singh
Rambhujwan Singh
Kundan Kumar
Ramnandan Singh

Important Notes:

1.    1. Admission is subject to verification of original documents.
2.     2. The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.
3.     3. The last date to deposit fees is 26th July 2017.
4.     4. No seats are available in the Girls Hostel.  

21 July 2017


The 2-day limited over cricket tournament of the alumni and the present students of JPM Senior Secondary School commenced today. In the first match played between the current student teams, the team led by Akshay defeated tghe team led by Vibhuti. In the second match played among ex-student, the team led by Tushar defeated Irfan's team. The winners Akshay and Tushar Teams will play tomorrow to decide the winner of the 20th Nair Memorial Trophy.

Organised by the students of JPM School, the Tournament seeks to keep alive the the memories of late Sri.K.N.Nair, former Executive Secretary of the Blind Relief Association who passed away in 1991. Among the earliest associates of the founders of the Association Smt.Anusuya & Sri. Umesh Basrurker, Sri Nair selflessly served the organization for over 4 decades with total commitment, earning love and admiration of all those who came in contact with him.

20 July 2017

DELHI 110007 

Date : 20.7.2017 

NOTICE for B.Ed./ B.Ed. Special Education (V.I.)/B.Ed.
 Special Education (M.R.)/ M.Ed. Programme 

As per the communication received today from the OSD Admission, University of Delhi, the admission of shortlisted candidates whose names have appeared in the First Admission List of the above programmes, has been extended till 5:00 pm of 21st July 2017.

Head & Dean 
Faculty of Education

18 July 2017

of PwD & CW 

for B.Ed.Special Education (Visual Impairment) Course offered at DURGABAI DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION,
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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17 July 2017

for B.Ed.Special Education (Visual Impairment) Course offered at DURGABAI DESHMUKH COLLEGE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION,
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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10 July 2017

Diploma in Computer Education (V.I)
List of Selected Candidates- 2017-18

Father’s Name
Vikram Singh Shahi
Nandan Singh Shahi
Sita Jha
Lal Babu Jha
Gunjan Paswan
Paras Paswan
Renu Shrisvastav
Vinod Kumar Shrivastava
Anshu Chowdhary
Kisan Pal Singh
Naresh Kumar
Umrav Singh
Nishu Rai
Hari Har Rai
Shamshad Ahmad
Meenakshi Malhotra
Vijay Malhotra
Shilpi Rai
Manti Prasad
Nakcheed Prasad
Sukhvir Singh
Neelam Verma
Daulat Ram Verma
Naresh Daheriya
Dinesh Daheriya
Nisha Devi
Swaroop Singh
Sulekha Rajbhar
Nand Lal Rajbhar
Sohan Lal Meena
Shrawan Kumar
Bali Ram
Manoj Kumar
Late Kiran Yadav
Lalita Kumari
Amarlal Mahto
Om Prakash
Mahender Singh
Omkar singh
Dhiresh Kumar
Murari Lal
Kamlesh Sehgal
Deen Dayal Sehgal

1.     Admission is subject to verification of original documents.
2.     The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.
3.     The last date to deposit fees is 20th July 2017.


23 June 2017

श्री सुखबीर सिंह , उप-प्रधानाचार्य, JPM  विद्यालय का निधन  
Noble, loving, kindhearted, ever-ready-to-help, an ideal Guru, and a globe-trotter Sri Sukhbir Singh Chaudhary breathed his last on Wednesday, 21 June evening in Delhi. He was cremated on 22 June morning in his ancestral village Sonari, near Rohtak (Haryana). He suffered paralytic stroke in March this year. 

Sukhbir ji had his early schooling in the Association's Industrial Home and School for the Blind at Lal Kuan, Badarpur, and teachers training in Teachers Training Centre at the BRA. He joined the Association's JPM School for the Blind as teacher in 1980 and retired as Vice-Principal in 2012.

BRA family offers its homage and prays for his departed soul to Rest in Peace.

श्री सुखबीर सिंह , उप-प्रधानाचार्य, JPM  विद्यालय का निधन  

सबके प्यारे, करुणा-मूर्ति, मददगार, अलमस्त, अदम्य जीवट वाले, विश्व घुमक्कड़ और परम सम्माननीय गुरु और साथी श्री सुखबीर सिंह जी का २१ जून की संध्या ६ बजे देहावसान हो गया. आपके पार्थिव शरीर का दाह संसस्कार रोहतक के निकट उनके पैतृक गाँव सोनारी में किया गया. 

इस वर्ष मार्च से सुखबीर जी पक्षाघात से पीड़ित थे. 
 सुखबीर जी की प्राम्भिक शिक्षा कुछ समय BRA के इंडस्ट्रियल होम एंड स्कूल फॉर दी ब्लाइंड, लालकुआं बदरपुर में हुई और आगे पढ़ाई अम्बाला में प्राप्त कर आपने शिक्षण प्रशिक्षण, BRA  में स्थित टीचर्स ट्रेनिंग सेंटर फॉर दी  ब्लाइंड में प्राप्त किया.  १९८० में आप बतौर अध्यापक JPM अंध विद्यालय में नियुक्त हुए और २०१२ में उप-प्रधानाचार्य के पद से आप सेवा-मुक्त हुए.  
BRA परिवार दिवंगत सुखबीर जी को भावभीनी श्रद्धांजलि देता हे और आपकी दिवंगत आत्मा की शांति के लिए प्रार्थना करता है.   

Sri Sukhbir Singh, Chaudhary


 for 2017-18 Session of 

(1-Year Programme)

For Prospectus & Admission Form

Press the following link

DCEVI Prospectus & Form

or Contact

Lala Lajpat Rai Road (Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg)
Near The Oberoi Hotel, New Delhi - 110003 
Enquiries: Phone: 24368529/ E-mail:

LAST DATE for submission of applications is 5 July 2017



Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education (V.I.)
(University of Delhi)
established and run by 
The Blind Relief Association, Delhi 

Online Registration open  12 - 22 June 2017

Click on: PG Admission 2017 

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The two-day 24th Subodh Trophy Cricket Tournament of JPM School being played at the Blind Relief Association ground concluded this morning. The 2-day home tournament of the School had three teams participating this year divided among the student. The teams were led by Vishwabandhu of current batch of Class XII, Rajat and Vipin Meher of outgoing Class XII. In the final match today played this morning Vipin Meher Team defeated Vishwabndhu Team. Vishwabandhu Team playing first scored 283 in 16 overs. Vipin Meher team outscored the rival Team’s total in just 14.2 overs. Rohit Sharma of Vipin Meher team scoring 173 was declared the Man of the Match as well Man of the Tournament.
In the opening match played on 2 May Vishwabandhu Team scored 215 runs in just 8.4 overs to defeat Rajat Team who scored 214 runs in 12 overs. In the second match played between Vipin Mehar Team and Rajat Team. Vipin Meher Team scoring 288 runs in 12 overs defeated Rajat Team which could score only 128 runs in 12 overs. 

Subodh Trophy was started by the students of JPM School in memory of Subodh Garg, a cricket crazy fellow student who met untimely death in 1993.

28 April 2017


 JPM Senior Secondary School students of class XII who appeared this year for the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations year were given a formal farewell by the Blind Relief Association. Staff from all the units of the Association joined in to wish the students excellent result in the Board Examination, bright academic career and all the best in their life. Mr.K.C.Pande Executive Secretary, BRA & Manager, JPM School lauded the students for maintaining the highest traditions set by their predecessors and earning good name for the School through their outstanding achievements in sports, diverse co-curricular activities, alongside diligence in studies. Principal K.J.Kuriyan said he was proud to have such good students. He also cautioned them that hereafter they will have to manage their life as independent adults. They should act responsibly and intelligently. On behalf of the students Gautam and Alok shared their pleasant memories of the wonderful and rewarding years they spent in the School. They likened the School as their father and profusely thanked the Principal and their teachers for all the guidance and help they received from them. They assured that they would never let down the name of their School or the Blind Relief Association. The student were presented as token of gift a folding white cane with carrying pouch fabricated in the Association’s workshop. As a token of gratitude the students presented a Colour Printer for use by the JPM School.   


27 April 2017


MERCER CARES -  a team comprising executives of Mercer India joined by senior fellow executives from abroad visited The Blind Relief Association, Delhi on 27 April. They did volunteering activities in the candle making, paper craft units of the Association’s vocational training. They worked along with the visually impaired trainees lending hand in making candles, diyas, and paper carry bags.  Mercer is supporting the Multi-skill Vocational Training Programme of the Association. The visitors also went round various training and service units.   

19 April 2017


The Sunshine Ensemble – formed by percussionists Suchet Malhotra, Shivani Dass, Yashdeep Khare, Peter White, Aarti Gupta, Anupam Kathuria, Tanya Luther and Joshua Leeds presented a scintillating performance of traditional West African drumming for the students and trainees of the Blind Relief Association in the Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall on 19 April 2017. The musicians performed on a variety of African percussion instruments, like ‘DJEMBE’, the accompanying bass drums called ‘DUNDUNS’ and the high frequency bells, called ‘APITUA’ and ‘AGOGO’. The Ensemble is led by Suchet Malhotra, a multi-percussionist and music producer, who has played and worked in many countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark and others. The members practice diligently and go into the community once a month to perform to share joy, which they believe is our shared heritage. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the the six rhythmic numbers ZOKO, ZOLIE, LUMBAL, MORIBAYASA, KUKKOO, and KIRIPA which received thunderous applause from the audience.

1 April 2017


Classes for the new academic year 2017-18 in the JPM Senior Secondary School commenced on 1 April.  Earlier on 31 March 2017 the results of the final examinations of all the classes were announced in the presence of the parents of the students assembled in the Gandhi Hall. Overall 97.5 percent i.e. 160 out of 164 students were declared passed and promoted to their next higher class. With no detention system, all the students of nursery to class VIII have moved to next class. In the secondary level 4 students out of 20 of class IX  were not promoted, and advised to repeat.  The results of students of class X and XII who appeared in the CBSE Board examination will be declared subsequently by the  CBSE. 

31 March 2017


Two long serving staff members of BRA family, namely,  Smt. Devaki Vijay Kumar, Steno Typist, who retired from service, and Sri.Ram Kumar Sharma, PGT Sanskrit, JPM School, whose services have been transferred to another School, were given a warm farewell by the staff of all units of the Association at a function held in Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall on 31 March 2017.  On behalf of the Association an inscribed salver and gift were presented each to the Devaki ji and Ram Kumar ji who respectively rendered 37 years and 25 years of valuable and distinguished service in the Association.  Devaki ji joined on 7 April 1980 and finally retired upon superannuation. Ram Kumar ji who joined the Association JPM School as Sanskrit Teacher on 19 October 1992, has to move to another aided school as per decision of the Directorate of Education. As an expression of respect and love towards their colleagues, the staff collectively and individually presented them special gifts. Smt. Benu Nath, Hony. General Secretary BRA & Chairperson JPM School; Sri.S.K.Misra, Trustee & Hony.Treasurer BRA; Sri.K.C.Pande, Hony. Executive Secretary BRA & Manager JPM School were also present.  Sri.K.C. Pande;Sri.K.J.Kuriyan, Principal JPM School, Dr.Swati Sanyal, Course Director, Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education, Sri.Arun Kumar Misra, TGT JPM School, and others warmly recalled and praised the dedication and the pleasant character of their colleagues. Sri Ram Kumar Sharma gifted compact discs to be utilised for educational amd other activities of the Association.  

30 March 2017

Braille Embosser donated by Allen & Overy, Hong Kong installed

Braille Production Unit of the Blind Relief Association acquired a new INDEX BASIC-D V5 Brailler Printer with Duxbury Braille Translation Software purchased with donation received from Allen & Overy,  a Hong Kong based company. The Braille Printer, which augments the Association's capacity to produce much needed books and study material for visually challenged students of the Association's school and other units. The Association also serves other institutions in making available Braille material. 

28 February 2017

Corporate Support for Training Programs and Go Green Gym Equipment   

Four vocational training projects run by the Blind Relief Association and supported by Sun Foundation, Mercer (India) Limited, Usha International, and Vodafone Limited and an open-air go green gym donated by the State Bank of India were inaugurated on Tuesday, 28 February in the presence of members of managing committee and representatives of the corporate partners.
The training programmes include Multi- Skill Training supported by Mercer (India) Pvt. Ltd., Relaxation Massage Training supported by Sun Foundation, Sewing Training supported by Sun Foundation and Usha International and Call Centre Training by Vodafone Pvt.Ltd.
Sun Foundation has already been supporting the sewing unit by way of providing a trainer and Usha International joined hands by providing electric sewing machines.  Employees from Mercer have done volunteering in the BRA from time to time. The company has now come forward to support the Multi-skill Training. The BRA has recently upgraded and expanded the scope of its call centre training programme in partnership with Vodafone.

19 February 2017


 On the 58th anniversary of the passing away of Sri. Umesh Anand Basrurker who along with his wife Smt.Anusuya Basrurker visualized and founded the Blind Relief Association, Delhi in 1944, a Havan ceremony was performed this morning (19.02.2017) in the Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall of the Association this morning.


4 February 2017


Nearly 650 members of the BRA family comprising students, trainees, staff and including their family members joined the Annual Picnic of the Blind Relief Association held on 4 February at the picturesque Talkatora Gardens in New Delhi.  The participants who had assembled at the Association premises in the morning were transported to the Talkatora Gardens by a fleet of buses.  The students in large and small groups went round exploring exploring every nook and corner of the expansive garden. For children there was an open gym to enjoy.  Being a sunny day some just enjoyed basking in the winter sun.  There was total masti with groups enjoying themselves singing and doing poetry competition. Of course a special delight was the delicious lunch served on the lawns by the teacher-trainees from Durgabai Deshmukh College and other volunteers helping the staff from different units.   The menu included puri, chans, mixed vegetables, pickles and fruits and Gajar Halwa as dessert.


1 February 2017


On the occasion of Basant Panchami the students and staff of JPM School and Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education performed Saraswati Pooja praying for the blessings of the Goddess of Learning Saraswati.  Havan was performed and following that students of JPM School students recited Saraswati Chalisa. Sarawati Pooja is one of the three festivals, including the Shiv Ratri and Janmashtami, which is organised by the students themselves. The responsibility of organizing Saraswati Pooja is given to Class X students.    

Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
Near Hotel Oberoi, New Delhi-110003
Invites applications for the following posts:
Identified for PH & RCI registered/applied
RCI registered/applied &
CTET cleared
RCI registered/applied &
CTET cleared
Identified for PH, blind preferred
SPL. EDN. TR. 01(UR)
RCI registered/applied &
CTET cleared
knowledge of Braille necessary
RCI registered/applied &
CTET cleared

·         Age, qualifications and pay scales as per norms of Dte. of  Edn., Delhi, in addition to above.
·         Apply to the Principal in the prescribed application form (available at School Office on working days between 11a.m. to 3p.m. or / with self-attested copies of Original Certificates & Mark sheets of each Semester/year of all qualifications within 21 days from the date of advertisement.
·         Incomplete & late applications will be rejected.
·         Other things being equal, preference will be given to blind candidates as per rules.

27 January 2017

Australian Blind Cricket Team Visits BRA

The 24-member Australian Blind Cricket team participating in the 2017 T20 Blind Cricket World Cup to be held in India from 28 January to 12 February visited the Blind Relief Association, Delhi this morning. The team interacted and played cricket with the blind cricketers of the Association’s JPM School. Chairman of Blind Cricket Australia led the team. Mr.Chris Elstoft, Deputy High Commissioner for Australia graced the occasion with his presence. He spoke to the students and also tried his hand playing cricket blind-fold. The visitors were welcomed by Executive Secretary and Vice Chairman, Indian Blind Sports Association(IBSA) K.C.Pande, Principal K.J.Kuriyan and IBSA General Secretary A.David. 


Saturday, 4 February 2017
Venue: Talkatora Gardens, New Delhi

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Happy New Year 2017 

from all of us at 

The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

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Computer Education Diploma Topper Sunil Singh Receives Lap Top

At a brief ceremony held on Saturday, 7 January 2017, Ms. Prabhjot Menon, a well-wisher of the BRA, presented a laptop in memory of her mother Late Mrs. Gurjit Mehta to Mr. Sunil Singh, who topped among the 16 trainees in the second batch of “Diploma in Computer Education (VI) Course”.  Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Prabhjot said that she was greatly impressed by the advancements in information technology helping empowerment and greater independence of persons with visual impairment. She lauded the Blind Relief Association for introducing the Computer Education Diploma Course.  Congratulating Sunil Singh for having topped in the class, she wished him all the best in his career ahead. She assured that her family would continue to recognize the achievement of toppers of future batches also. Mr.Sunil Singh, expressing his gratitude to Ms.Prabhjyot Menon and the members of her family, including her father and sister, who were present at the function, he said the gift has redoubled his determination to excel and to face competition in life with greater confidence. Mr. K.C. Pande, Executive Secretary thanked Ms.Prabhjot Kaur her and her family for this kind gesture.

4 January 2017

Louis Braille Birthday Celebrations 

The Blind Relief Association celebrated the 206th birthday of Louis Braille, the inventor of Braille script, the greatest gift to persons with visual handicap. At a function held in the Association’s Gandhi Hall and attended by students of Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education and trainees of various vocational training programmes and Diploma in Computer Education, tributes were paid to Louis Braille and the script he developed, that impacted the lives of the blind all over world. The system of writing he developed opened for them the gates of education, knowledge and information, and thereby paving the way for inclusion in the society. On the occasion a monograph in Hindi Braille on the life and the unique script developed by Louis Braille, entitled “Drishtibadha harti ek lipi” written by Arvind Gupta was released. Coinciding with this auspicious occasion a new call-centre training programme was launched. The training programme is to be run by the Association in cooperation with Vodafone.

15 December 2016

20th IBSA National Sports Meet for the Blind – 2016
21 New National Athletics Record Established

The 20th edition of bi-annual IBSA NATIONAL SPORTS MEET FOR THE BLIND, the largest sports event for the visually challenged in the country was held at Thyagaraj Sports Complex in New Delhi from 12 to 15 December 2016. The Meet was jointly organized by Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) and the Blind Relief Association, Delhi. IBSA is a national level sports body with 194 institutions and organizations from 25 states as its members. IBSA represents India in the International Blind Sports Federation, the apex blind-sports body, and is affiliated to Paralympic Committee of India.

The Meet had record participation of 691 athletes, chess competitors and team officials representing 78 institutions from 15 states. They included 252 men, 135 women, 102 boys and 64 girl athletes and 48 chess competitors and 138 officials. The number of female participants was 202, the highest ever. They included budding as well as top national and international athletes.
Divided into two age categories of Intermediate boys and girls (between 14 to 17 years) and Open men and women (not below 14 years) the participants compete separately according to their sight/vision classifications, namely, B-1 (totally blind) and B-2 & B-3 (partially sighted) classes. The track events include 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 5000m and relay races. Field events include long jump, shot put, javelin and discus throws. The only indoor event is chess.
The 4-day 20th IBSA National Sports Meet for the Blind concluded on 15 December 2016 in New Delhi which saw impressive and record-breaking performances by blind athletes from across the country. In all 21 new National Records were established in different track and field athletics events.
The Opening Ceremony was held on 14 December morning. Smt.Radhika Bharat Ram, Chairperson, Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) welcomed the participants and formally declared the Meet open. The Guest of Honour Smt.Meenakshi Lekhi, M.P. Lok Sabha greeted and met the participant lined up on the ground.
Sri. Kapil Mishra, Hon'ble Minister for Water, Law, Justice and Legislative Affairs, Tourism, Art, Culture and Languages, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, the Chief Guest at the valedictory ceremony held in the Blind Relief Association formally declared the Meet closed. He also presented the team Championship Shields to the winner teams in their respective categories.
New National Records
Girls B3 400m Pramila R. Karnataka (1:27.37s)
Girls B1 Javelin Swati Chauhan Maharashtra (11.97m)
Girls B1 Javelin Marsh Hassa, Jhakhand (15.50m)
Boys B1 400m Madan, Delhi (1:00.18s)
Boys B2 400m Munna Kumar Rajak, Delhi (56.17s)
Boys B3 400m Usman Davan, Delhi (58.26s)
Boys B3 1500m Manish Kumar, Delhi (4:48.91s)
Boys B1 1500m Ramakant Prabhaker, Delhi (5:07.07s)
Boys B1 100m Madan, Delhi (13.01s)
Women B1 400m Pushp Lata,Chandigarh (1:12.24s)
Women B2 400m Divya, Chandigarh (1:15.52s)
Women B3 400 Radha V, Karnataka (1:15.34s)
Women B2 Discus Mamata Kolamkar, Maharshtra (24.55m)
Women B2 Shot Put Mamta Kolamkar, Maharashtra (6.94m)
Women B1 800m Pushp Lata, Chandigarh (2:54.84s)
Women B3 Shot Put Nethravathi V., Karnataka (5.60m)
Women B3 Javelin Kukadiya Takhu, Gujarat (18.00m)

Men B2 Shot Put Ashish Singh Negi Uttarakhand (10.99m)
Men B2 200m Mohit Arora, Delhi (25.01s)
Men B2 Discus Pramod M.P., Kerala (30.85m)
Men B2 Long Jump Lal Prasad Soren, Ordisha (5.60m)

Team Championship Winners
1. Women B1 - Ashakiran Residential School for Blind Children, Chikkamagaluru,                                                                                                                         Karnataka
2. Women B2 - Institute for the Blind Chandigarh.
3. Women B3 - National Association for the Blind, Chandigarh
4. Men B1 - Divine Vision, Delhi
5. Men B2 - Prajwalit Foundation, Delhi
6. Men B3 - Prajwalit Foundation, Delhi
7. Girls B1 - St. Michaels School for the Blind, Ranchi, Jharkhand
8. Girls B2 - Dr. Narendra Bhivapurkar Andh Vidyalaya, Amravati, Maharashtra
9. Girls B3 - Sri Sharada Devi Andhara Vikasa Kendra, Shivamoga, Karnataka 
10. Boys B1 - J.P.M. Sr. Sec. School for the Blind, New Delhi
11. Boys B2 - Government Sr. Sec. School for Blind Boys, Delhi
12. Boys B3 - Govt. Ideal Blind School, Takyel, Manipur

Chess competition for the blind was also a part of 20th National Meet which was organized in the Journalist Hall of Thyagaraj Sports Complex. In all 55 entries were received from IBSA affiliated organizations. 48 players including 3 female finally reported for the Competition. Nine (9) among the competitors are rated players. The Competition was organized on Swiss League Round pattern. In all 6 rounds were held. Makhvana Ashvinbhai Kanchanbhai, a rated player from Ahmadabad, Gujarat won the Gold medal. Somender Kumar a rated player from Delhi bagged the Silver, while the unrated Gaurav Kumar of Delhi won the Bronze medal.

For over 600 outstation participants elaborate boarding and lodging arrangements were made at the Blind Relief Association ensuring a comfortable stay. In the evening cultural programmes comprising Jazz band, popular Bollywood, Sufi and music performances entertained the participants. Concluding evening was the open cultural evening. Enthusiastic participants from different states were on stage and presented a variety of songs and dances from their respective regions.

5 December 2016


enowned Sarangi maestro Ustad Kamal Sabri Khan enthralled the students and trainees of different units of the Blind Relief Association with his performance at the Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall on 12 December 2016. He was accompanied by Pandit Sukhamoy Banerjee on the Tabla.
The programme was held courtesy SPIC MACAY under its VIRASAT SERIES for the JPM School for the Blind. The programme was devoted to the memory the famous Carnatic vocalist Dr.M.Balamurali Krishna, who passed away recently.
Ustad Kamal Sabri Khan performed Raga Gujari Todi, Lalit, concluding with Rajasthani folk song. He also informed the students about Sarangi which is an old Indian instrument that produces sound closest to the human voice. He was accompanied on the Sarangi by his nephew Adnan. Another young nephew Sami who is learning vocal music sang a composition in Raga Keerwani. The recital received thunderous applause from the audience. Brijendra Pande, a student of class XI not only compered the programme with competence but also won the heart of Ustad ji with his singing the Punjabi folk song "Çhhalla".
Special thanks to Mrs.Suman Doonga of Spic Macay for her initiative in arranging this programme.

3 December 2016



To mark the completion of 2016 Japanese language basic course conducted for the students of JPM School, the Shuuryooshiki ceremony was held on Saturday, 3 December. Certificates were awarded to Gaurav Kumar, Shuhaib Ali, Vishwabandhu Sharma, Shahabuddin Ansari, Ramakant Prabhakar, and Abhishek Kumar Chaurasia by Ms Mizuho Hayakawa, Director, Japan Information, Embassy of Japan and Mr. Kaoru Miyamoto, Director General, Japan Foundation. Speaking fluently in simple Japanese Gaurav Kumar shared the wonderful experience of leaning Japanese language and culture, his visit to Mie-prefecture in Japan in September as a member of cultural exchange mission, interacting with the students of Mie Blind School and other people in Japan.

In the party that followed, a 5-member Japanese ladies ensemble played popular Japanese songs on OKARINA – an ancient ceramic vessel flute called tsuchibue in Japanese. Ramakant Prabhakar presented a Tabla duet. Thereafter all six students sang the well-known national song “Saare Jahan se achha” in both Hindi and in Japanese. When the students rendered the popular “Shiki no Uta” all the Japanese guests present joined them.

19 November 2016

73rd ANNUAL FUNCTION of the B.R.A.

The Blind Relief Association held its 73rd Annual Function today. Major General Rajesh Sahay (AVSM,SM), General Officer Commanding Delhi Area was the Chief Guest. Mrs.Mridula Pant, Principal, Army Public School, Dhaula Kuan was the Guest of Honour. Following a Guard of Honour given to the Chief Guest by the students a colourful function was held in the Association's Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall. Students and trainees from different units presented music, dance items and and 2 one-act plays before a packed hall. The audience comprised a large number of guests, including the Association's managing committee members, well-wishers, donors, old associates/alumni, staff, students and trainees from all the units of the Association. On the occasion Association honoured its 19 staff members with Meritorious Long Service Award who completed 10,15,20,25,30 and 35 years of service. Also, merit certificates were awarded to JPM School Students for their academic achievemnt. Similarly merit certificates were awarded to trainees who excelled in Computer Diploma Course and Vocational Training Programmes. President of the Association Justice Dr.A.S.Anand gave the presidential address and the Chief Guest Maj.General Rajesh Sahay gave a very inspiring address.





5 November 2016


Ms.Emiko Suzuki, an eminent Origami artist from Japan conducted a workshop on ORIGAMI (the traditional Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures) at the Blind Relief Association this afternoon. Seven students of JPM School and three trainees of the Association's Multi-skill Training Programme took part in the Workshop. To individually assist these visually challenged participants local Japanese lady volunteers, a Japanese School student and Origami-lover Mr.Thambi were available by their side. 

Besides the main participants, a large number of students and vocational trainees witnessed the Workshop. They also had the opportunity to try their hands at Origami. Some members of Origami Oritai a group of Origami enthusiasts in New Delhi helped them.

Explaining fold -by-fold, Suzuki Sensei taught how to create an Origami ball. She said Origami is not just a fun art but also an excellent medium to learn mathematics and geometry. She also informed its application in higher education, including medicines and space science. She also mentioned about the reputed Origami grand master Mr.Kase who was totally blind. Mr.Kase, who visited India in 1983, also came to the BRA and gave a demonstration of Origami art.

5 November 2016

Assistive Device BuzzClip Launch

Mr. Arjun Mali a co-founder of iMerciv, a technology start up based in US and Canada, and the developer of BuzzClip, a wearable ultrasound assistive device was in the Blind Relief Association this morning. He gave a demonstration of the device and presented 20 pieces to select trainees.  The donated devices were sponsored by donors in Canada & USA. Arjun was accompanied his father Ravi Mali and mother Parveen Mali. Mrs. Preety Monga of Silver Lining was also present on the occasion. 

BuzzClip is a small and discreet wearable assistive device for the visually impaired.  The device uses ultrasound to detect obstacles that may lie directly in one’s path.  BuzzClip offers essential head-level obstacle detection and can be easily attached to many forms of clothing making it highly versatile and useful device.  As soon the device detects an obstacle, it sends vibrations to the user to safely navigate around any object that he/she may encounter.

iMervic has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and they have raised $65,092. This helpful product comes at a cost price of $249 in Canada.  Co-founders Mr. Arjun Mali and Mr. Bin Liu started iMerciv in August 2014, due to their personal involvement with the vision loss community.  Their combined investment of $50000 soon led to raising over $ 158000 in government grants and awards.  Their vision is to re-introduce autonomy into the life of those living with blindness or partial sight all over the world. Mr. Arjun Mali   has plans to get the BuzzClip manufactured in India so that it is made available to the largest number of visually impaired persons in the country at affordable price.

For more information please visit:

or contact Mr. Arjun Mali on  8130630340, 647-919-9269

28 October 2016

Announcement of the Final Examination Results of  

21 October 2016


Ushering the festival of lights, the Blind Relief Association is holding it's annual “DIWALI BAZAAR” from 21 to 27 October in its premises.

The lawns of the Association have been transformed into a colourful pop-up Bazaar. Popularly known as “Blind School Diwali Bazaar”. Being organised regularly since over 30 years it has become a 'must visit' destination in the capital during Diwali.

A major attraction of Diwali Bazaar is the Blind Relief Association’s stall selling variety of candles, diyas and paper products made by the visually challenged trainees and workers of the Association. There will also be a special corner where one can experience expert relaxation massage given by visually challenged masseurs trained at the Association!

There are over 200 stalls of designers and other local vendors exhibiting and selling a wide range of attractive traditional crafts, designer wear, home decor among other diverse gift items. There is also a Pop-up Food Court offering varieties of vegetarian cuisine ranging from regional Indian to continental.

The Bazaar has also a large number of NGOs, who are provided free space, to sell their products and inform the public about their services.

भीतर से बाहर - The Inside Out - a unique textural and aural sensory experiential presentation will be a special attraction at the Diwali Bazaar this year. The sensory space has been conceived by Foster & Forge Foundation and created with the contribution of master artisans and trainees of the Blind Relief Association.

Blind Relief Association's DIWALI BAZAAR is an event for a noble cause. It brings the Association closer to the society and makes people aware of the capabilities and achievements of the visually challenged. The earnings from the Diwali Bazaar go towards financing the Association’s diverse services for the visually challenged.

The Bazaar is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the admission is free.

Location: Blind Relief Association campus on Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg (near The Oberoi Hotel), New Delhi. Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium is the nearest Metro Station (10 minutes walking distance). Entry to the Blind Relief Association Diwali Bazaar is free.

For the convenience of the visitors the Association has arranged free park and ride service. FREE PARKING FACILITY will be provided at the Sunheri Pullah Cluster Bus Depot, Lodi Road (near JLN Stadium Metro Station) from 10:00 am to 8:00 p,m. FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE will be available between Free Parking Facility and the Blind Relief Association.

3 October 2016

Wish You a Bright Career Mr. Paramjeet Sharma

Mr.Paramjeet Kumar Sharma, Braille Transcriber, JPM Senior Secondary School was given a warm send-off by the Blind Relief Association at the farewell function held on 3 October 2016. Mr. Sharma joined the JPM School in 2008, as Braille Transcriber. He has resigned to join as Librarian in a Senior Secondary School under the Directorate of Education. 
Mr.S.K.Misra, Trustee & Hony. Treasurer, Mr.K.C. Pande, Executive Secretary & Manager, JPM School along with staff members from different units of the Association attended the function. Mr.K.C.Pande, congratulated Mr.Paramjeet Sharma on moving joining a higher post. He lauded the services rendered by him and wished him a bright future. Mr.K.J.Kuriyan, Principal, JPM School thanked him for his devoted services, pleasant manners and diligently performing the important task of making available study material in Braille to the School students. Mr.Kuriyan also recalled with gratitude the assistance he rendered to the School library. 

Gifts were presented to him on behalf of the Association, and the staff of School and BRA. Speaking on the occasion Mr.Paramjeet said he would always cherish the love, affection and cooperation he received form thanked his colleagues and the Principal for the cooperation he received from them during the last 8 years. He said that he thinks himself most fortunate that he got the opportunity to serve in a reputed institution like JPM School.

2 October 2016

Gandhi Jayanti in BRA 
Students, Trainees join Prathana Sabha

To pay homage to the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi on his 147th birth anniversary the students, trainees and staff of the Blind Relief Association assembled in the Gandhi Centenary Memorial Hall where a Prarthana sabha (Prayer Meeting) was organised. After a brief talk on the life and message of Gandhi by Executive Secretary K.C.Pande, the students of JPM School recited prayers from different faiths, a practice introduced by Gandhiji and still being followed in Sevagram and Sabarmati Ashrams.  Starting with Nam Mala, a composite prayer mentioning series of names for the Almighty as addressed in different faiths, the students recited prayers from Parsi, Jain, Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, Sikh faiths. The Meeting concluded with mass singing of Gandhiji's favorite Bhajan "Vaishnavajan to tene kahiye..."and "Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram" .   


September 2016


The Mission with the Vice Governor of Mie Prefecture Mr.Shinichi Watanabe and Superintendent, Education Board Mr.Chyomi Yamaguchi

It was the dream coming true for Gaurav Kumar, Shuhaib Ali and Vishwabandhu Sharma, the three students of JPM School studying Japanese language to be visiting Japan from 12 to 18 September as members of Cultural Exchange Mission despatched by the Blind Relief Association. They were picked up from the group of 8 students. The Mission was sent for cultural interaction with visually challenged students of Mie Prefecture Blind School, located in historically important central Japan. The three boys from class XI were accompanied by their Social Science & Environment Science Teacher Mr.Rajesh Kumar, volunteer Japanese teacher Nandi Itsuko Sensei and her support Seo Kanako Sensei, and Mr.K.C.Pande, Executive Secretary, BRA as the leader of the Mission. The purpose of the mission was to provide these visually challenged school students a first-hand experience of the country they have been learning about and to see and appreciate the harmonious blend of traditional grace and modernity of Japan. These charming boys played perfect role of young-ambassadors of India, promoting friendship and deepening mutual understanding between the peoples of Japan and India.

 The cultural exchange programme was conceived by Mrs.Nandi who is associated with Japanese language programme in the BRA since December 2012.  She spent her childhood years in Mie Prefecture.   The counterpart host institution Mie Prefecture Blind School, which was established in 1910,  is one of the oldest school for the blind in Japan.   Mr.Pande who has over five-decade long association with Japan visited the Mie Blind School in 2014, introduced by his old friend Mr. Katsutoshi Sakai.  Mr.Sakai also has a long association with India, initially as a research scholar with Jawaharlal Nehru University, subsequently as senior Japanese company executive and President of an India-based Japanese company.  Thanks to the involvement and tremendous support of Mr.Sakai, who not merely liaised with Mie Blind School., Mie Prefectural Government and others,  but also offered home-stay hospitality to five members, the exchange programme proved a great success.  The Mission is immensely grateful to Mr.Norio Nakamura, Principal of Mie Blind School for  accepting the visit and carefully planning diverse interaction activities for the visiting students.  

Mie Blind School Homepage

Happy Birthday Haruta San

Jam Session

Inspecting Human Skeleton

Oh! It hurts!  the acupuncture needle

Walking the School corridor

Presenting Cricket bat to School

Taking part in Sports Festival

With Principal Norio Nakamura Sensei (in blue T-shirt)

At the School Gate

At Mie Data Craft Company

At Mie Data Craft Company

Washing hands prior to entering the Ise Grand Shrine

At Ise Grand Shrine (Naiku) Entrance

Shoppers Street near Ise Jingu

Enjoying famous Akafuku Mochi (Rice cake)

At Futami Baech

 Praying at a small Shinto Shrine at Futamai

Holding huge crafted gourds. Craftsman Mr.   (in T-shirt)

With  famous Hindi Scholar Prof.Koga at his residence

Offering prayers at Kannonji Temple (Tsu-shi)

Kannonji Temple

With  the host Mr.Katsutoshi Sakai

Mr.Sakai welcoming the Mission at Toyochi Community Hall

August 2016


A “Workshop on Capacity Building for New Job Opportunities” organised by the Blind Relief Association, Delhi on 27 and 28 August 2016. 33 visually challenged youth, including 13 female participated in the 2-day workshop.
The Workshop was conceived in the scenario of phenomenal growth in the number of young blind persons graduating from school and universities and seeking good job opportunities in the public and private sector establishments. Wide use of IT in daily life and its application in diverse work places such as offices, banks, ITES sectors etc., have created new and wider job opportunities, especially for computer-educated visually challenged persons. There is much need to properly and adequately prepare these ambitious youth and thereby building up their capacity to compete in open employment market, both in public as well as private sectors, and prove their worth.

Divided into 8 sessions the workshop addressed among others such topics as ‘Job Opportunities and Making Appropriate Choice’; ‘IT in Work Place’; ‘Mathematics and Reasoning - Preparing for Entrance Examination’; ‘Personality Development and Communication Skill’; ‘Disability Rights, Obligations and Duties’. There was also an interaction with HR Managers from MNC. The panellists included Banker Mr.Rajat Agarwal of Canara Bank; IT Expert Mr.Prashant Verma of DAISY Forum and Saksham Trust; Mr.Pankaj Sinha, Motivator Mrs.Preeti Monga of Silver Lining and HR team from Mercer comprising Group Manager Radhika Walia, and Training Leader Vaishali Taneja (Learning and Development) and Rajiv Arora HR Leader; and Mr.Paramjit Singh of Singh Study Circle. Mr.A.K.Mittal, Secretary General, World Blind Union (WBU) & President, AICB, presided over the session on Disability Rights, Obligations and Duties with former Chief Commissioner for Disablities Prasanna Kumar Pincha as the key speaker. The workshop witness lively discussions between the panellists and the participants, wherein the need for conducting part-time training programmes to prepare visually challenged youth for competitive examinations and new jobs was highlighted. They expressed the hope that the Blind Relief Association will take the initiative in this direction.
Special thanks to Mr.Ramdas Shivhare, an alumnae of JPM School working as Manager in State Bank of India and currently in Japan on 10-month fellowship under Duskin Leadership Training in Japan - a programme for persons with disabilities in Asia and the Pacific, for his valuable inputs and helping in designing the workshop.

31 August 2016


Ankur Dhama, a totally blind mid and long-distance runner will be the first blind athlete to represent India in the Paralympic Games to be held on 7 – 18 September 2016, in Rio-de Janeiro, Brazil. He will take part in 1500 meters (T-11) event in totally blind category. Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) is proud that Ankur, who has been nurtured by it, and trained under its Chief Coach Dr.Satyapal Singh (Dronacharya Awardee) is representing India in the Paralympics.

BRA and Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) organised a send-off function this morning to wish Ankur a grand success in the Rio Games. Ankur Dhama left for Rio on mid-night of 31 August along with the other members of Indian contingent to Rio Paralympics.

Ankur has been nurtured by the Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) and trained under the care of Dr. Satya Pal (Dronacharya Awardee) a reputed athletics coach with wide experience of training disabled athletes. Ankur has consistently participated in the four IBSA National Sports Meets for the blind since 2008 and also in various IPC events. To qualify for the Rio-Paralympics, he won Silver Medal in the Asian Oceana Athletes Championship held in Dubai on March 10, 2016, with his best timing in 1500 meters race by clocking 4:18:42 the qualifying standard was 4.25. In the selection trial held by SAI in Sonepat Centre, Ankur clocked personal-best timing of 4:17:34 which helped him qualify and get selected for Rio Paralympics.

Ankur has been very active in sports since his school days at JPM School for the Blind run by the Blind Relief Association, Delhi which lead to him participate in the IBSA Nationals. He is also a keen footballer and has represented Indian in the national team. In 2009, he participated in IBSA World Youth and Students Championships & Games held in Colorado Springs, USA. He won Gold Medals in 400mtrs, and 800mtrs. In the 2011 edition of the World Youth Games he won Gold in 1500 meters and Silver in 800mtrs. He was a member of the relay team which won Bronze. Ankur Dhama has won a  Silver and 2 Bronze medals in 2014 Asian Para Games held in Inchon, Korea. He was also part of the Indian contingent to the Seoul 2015 IBSA World Games, South Korea.

Indian Blind Sports Association is affiliated with the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) .The Association is the sole representative from India in the International Blind Sports Federation. Indian Blind Sports Association has sent teams to all the five editions of IBSA World Championships held in Madrid - 1998, Quebec – 2003, Sao Paulo – 2007, Antalya – 2011 and Seoul - 2016. 

Ankur will have Vipin Kumar, as his guide runner, who has been working out with Ankur since last 6 years. 

Ankur is currently doing Masters of Arts in History from the University of Delhi. He is a student of St. Stephens College, Delhi

31 August 2016

Third List of Candidates Selected for Admission to Diploma Course in 
Computer Education (V.I.) 2016-17 Batch 

            S. No.
Father’s Name
Phone No.
Shiv Charan


Santosh Kumar
Ram Dheeraj 


Shivani Saluja
Praveen Kumar Saluja


General PWD

The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission. 
The last date for depositing fees is 3 September 2016.

Neelu Suneja

                                                                                                            Course Coordinator

23 August 2016

Second List of Candidates Selected for Admission to Diploma Course in Computer Education (V.I.) 2016-17 Batch 

Father’s Name
Phone No.
Rachna Kumari
Shailendra Prasad Singh


Satyam Gupta
gopal Gupta


Khushbu Kumari
Siteshwar Singh


Ruksar Shahin
Gulam Gaus


Shehar Nigar


Ramlal Singh


Ram Kalpa


Sandeep Kumar
Pala Ram




Manisha Namedeo
Suresh Namdeo


Sanjeev Kumar Mehta


Leena Rani
Tulsi Das



The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.  The last date for depositing fees is 30 August 2016.
25th  and 28th  August are holidays.
Neelu Suneja

                                                                                                            Course Coordinator

12 August 2016

First List of Candidates Selected for Admission to Diploma Course in Computer Education (V.I.) 2016-17 Batch 

Father’s Name
Pragati Gupta
Mr. Sunil Kumar Gupta
Sumit Arora
Mr. Keval Kishan Arora
Pooja Sahai
Mr. Shripati Sahai
Mr. Ram Niwas
Mr. Govind Ram Kathiat
Lovely Kumar Grover
Mr. Naresh Grover
Indira Shanker Gilbile
Mr. Shankar Gilbile
Jyoti Singh
Mr. Pappu Singh
Rohit Kumar
Mr. Roshan lal
Nidhi  Kumari
Mr. Baidyanath Prasad
Gurdeep Singh
Mr. Surender Singh
Mr. Sukhvir Singh
Mr. Narender singh
Sant Kumar
Mr. Munni Lal
Anmeera A Marak
Mr. Len Sangma
Mr. Vishvambher dayal
Mr. Mulkh Raj
Shilpi Das
Mr. Bibek Ranjan Das
Suneel Kumar Saroj
Mr. Jhapsu Saroj
Rashmi Suryavanshi
Mr. Chait Ram
Mr. Ram Maher Singh
Dinesh Kumar
Mr. Raj Kumar
Gautam Sharma
Mr. Arvind Kumar
Madhu Rani
Mr. Ganesh Prasad
Samiullah Ansari
Mr. Mansur Alam
Veer Singh
Mr. Badlu Ram

The above candidates must deposit fees to confirm their admission.  The last date for depositing fees is 22nd August 2016.

Please note that 15th and 18th August 2016 are holidays.
Neelu Suneja
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Course Coordinator

Mrs.Neelu Suneja,Course Coordinator(mob.9953494420);  Mr.Rajpal, Supervisor (mob.9811551648)

08 August 2016

Alumni Vineet’s Team Wins 19th Nayar Memorial Cricket Trophy

In an exciting final match played at the Blind Relief Association ground today the Alumni Vineet’s team won the 19th Nayar Memorial Cricket Tournament scoring 229 runs in 14 overs.  The loser JPM School team led by Saran which batted first could score only 228 runs in 7 wickets in required 16 over match. Earlier on 7th August two matches were played to decide the finalists.  In the first match Vineet led Alumni team defeated Shahabuddin let JPM School team.  In the second match Umesh led Alumni team lost to Saran led JPM School team.

1 August 2016


Sri. Kunwar Singh DHIMAN, a much respected teacher with a high degree of commitment towards his profession, finally retired from the services of the BRA’s JPM Senior Secondary School for the Blind on 1st August 2016 after having rendered over 32 years of valuable services.   To bid farewell to Sri Dhiman, the Blind Relief Association (BRA) organised a function on 1st August afternoon. A large number of staff members from all the units of BRA, including the JPM School and Durgabai Deshmukh College attended the function.  From the management side Sri. S.K. Misra, Trustee and Treasurer, BRA, Sri. A.K. Mittal, Vice Chairman of JPM School and Sri. K.C. Pande, Hony. Executive Secretary, were present.

Glowing tributes were paid to the devoted and selfless services rendered by Sri Dhiman, be it as a Typing Teacher in the JPM School, or through active participation in Association’s diverse programmes and activities like the Annual Function, Diwali Bazar and National Sports Meet.  Principal Kuriyan warmly remembered him as a thorough gentleman and a most supportive colleague who always gave utmost care to the students and contributed his best to whatever task he was entrusted.  Sri K.C. Pande, Executive Secretary called Sri Dhiman a truly noble person and a selfless worker who would unhesitatingly come forward to lend unstinted support to the Association’s diverse activities. Sri A.K. Mittal, recounted the time when he was inducted in the School as typing teacher with no previous experience of having worked with visually challenged children. It was challenging task which he commendably handled. As a matter of fact scores of students trained in typing by him secured government jobs as typists/LDCs. Sri Mittal also highlighted the valuable services Sri. Dhiman provided to Indian Blind Sports Association from its inception, especially in organizing the National Sports Meets for the Blind.  On the occasion Dr. Swati Sanyal, Course Director, Durgabai Deshmukh College, Sri Ram Kumar Sharma, PGT and Dr. Ravinder Partap, Music Teacher also warmly shared their experience with him.

Sri Dhiman responding to the sentiments expressed recounted the memorable and fruitful time he had working in the School and for the BRA. He most respectfully remembered late Sri K.N. Nayar, former Executive Secretary and the great fortune of having worked with him. He also fondly remembered working under Sri A.K. Mittal, former Principal.

Sri S.K. Misra and Sri K.C. Pande presented him an inscribed salver and a gold coin as memento from the Association. As mark of their love and respect the staff of JPM School and the Blind Relief Association presented him gifts.

4 June 2016

Remembering our Founder Anusuya Basrurker

A Remembrance Meeting preceded by Havan Ceremony in memory of Late Smt. Anusuya Basrurker, who along with her husband Sri. Umesh A. Basrurker founded the Blind Relief Association in 1944, was held on 4 June 2016 marking her 58th death anniversary. 

Medical practitioner by profession Smt. Anusuya Basrurker had immense compassion and great concern for the weaker sections of the society. Jointly with her like-minded husband she conceptualized and worked for formation of the Blind Relief Association to serve for the empowerment of persons with visual impairment through giving them education and skill training. The Association's activities commenced in 1946 with 2 students enrolled in the Industrial Home and School for the Blind which functioned in a rented premises in the Lal Kuan, Badarpur in the outskirts of Delhi.

The husband and wife team envisioned and prepared a grand blueprint of activities to be conducted from the Association’s own premises in New Delhi. Unfortunately, before the superstructure of the buildings they envisioned (whose foundation stone was laid by Dr.Helen Keller in 1955) could come up Smt Anusuya passed away on 4 June 1958 followed by Sri Basrurker who passed away on 19 February 1959. The range of services being rendered by the Association today is a grand tribute to this noble couple and their vision.

25 May 2016

Congrats Class XII for the Excellent Result in CBSE Exams

All the 15 students of JPM School, who appeared in the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class XII Examination for the Year 2016, passed the examination with 1st Division. Sintoo Shah, secured the highest percentage of 90.4 percent. Overall 53 distinctions were secured, including 15 in English, 10 in Sociology, 8 each in Hindi and Political Science, 6 in History, 5 in Music and one in Information Practice. Congratulations

10 May 2016

Negi Sir Retires from JPM School

Sri. Mahabir Singh Negi, the highly respected Senior Hindi Teacher, JPM Senior Secondary School, who has had over 5-decade long association with the Blind Relief Association was given a warm farewell on 10 May 2016 on his retirement from JPM Senior Secondary School. At the function held in the Association’s Gandhi Hall, his colleagues from JPM School and a large number of staff members of the Association were present to thank him for being a wonderful colleague, a true gentleman and devoted teacher. Chairperson, JPM School and Hony. General Secretary, BRA Smt. Benu Nath, Hony. Treasurer and Trustee, BRA Sri.S.K.Misra, Hony. Executive Secretary Sri. K.C.Pande, Principal, JPM School Sri.K.J.Kuriyan, Course Director, Durgabai Deshmukh College Dr.Swati Sanyal, colleague Dr.Ram Kumar Sharma and Deputy Executive Secretary Sri.C.P.Mohanan were among those who warmly recalled the wonderful qualities of Sri Negi and wished him a healthy and happy life after retirement. On behalf of the Association Negi Sir was presented a salver inscribed with his name. The school staff and the BRA staff also presented him gifts.
In his address Sri Negi recalled the times when he joined BRA in 1966 as a student of class 7th . The school, then a middle school, functioned from Lal Kuan, Badarpur. Not recognised as a Higher Secondary school, he continued his studies and completed his Higher Secondary education in 1972, as a student of Government Senior Secondary School, Jangpura. He joined Delhi University and completed his post-graduation in Hindi, while staying in the BRA Hostel. In 1979 he did Diploma in Special Education from Training Centre for the Teachers of the Blind (TCTB), at the BRA. In 1980 Negi ji joined the Association’s JPM School for the Blind as an Assistant Teacher. Even after superannuation in 2014, the School benefitted from his service until May 2016. Negi Sir was loved and respected by his students and colleagues for his commitment and sincerity as a teacher and for his warm and helpful nature. As a conscientious teacher he never ever missed his class and worked really hard and guided his students to the best of his ability. He made a special mention of his love for and the pains he took in teaching Braille, which he considers as the real key to literacy for persons with visual impairment. Sharing his concern, Sri Negi said that students these days are becoming over- dependent on audio recordings, and are ignoring Braille, which he thought is proving detrimental to their acquiring proper mastery of language.

30 April 2016

Playing Grand Innings Mr.P.C. Mehta

 Retires from the BRA

Serving the Blind Relief Association with distinction for over 16 years Mr.Padam Chand Mehta retired as Deputy Executive Secretary on 30 April 2016. Concurrently, he also served as the Manager of the Association’s JPM Senior Secondary School.
To bid Mr.Mehta a warm farewell the Association organized a function in the afternoon at the Association’s Gandhi Hall. Present on the occasion were Hony. General Secretary Mrs Benu Nath; Hony. Treasurer Mr.S.K.Misra; Hony.Joint Secretary Mrs.Radhika Bharat Ram; Hony. Executive Secretary Mr.K.C.Pande; Managing Committee Member & Vice Chairman-JPM School Mr.A.K.Mittal; Managing Committee Member Mr.M.K.Sarin, Principal, JPM School Mr.K.J.Kuriyan, besides almost the entire staff of the Association. Speaking at this poignant moment Mr.S.K.Misra, Mr.A.K.Mittal, Mr.K.C.Pande, Mr.Kuriyan, Dr.S.K.Dubey from Durgabai Deshmukh College, Mrs.Neelu Suneja, Head IT Unit recalled Mr.Mehta’s superb qualities as a brilliant organizer, a dynamic and inspiring team leader, evidenced by the smooth and successful holding of such mega events as the Association’s annual Diwali Bazar, bi-annual IBSA National Sports Meets for the Blind, annual picnic among others. An especially notable contribution of Mr.Mehta for which he will always be remembered is the introduction of the RCI-approved regular Diploma Course in Computer Education (Visually Impaired) in the Association. It was Mr.Mehta who steered it through the course-designing stage to finally obtaining approval from Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). As Mr.Mehta aptly describes, this is his parting gift for which the Association will always grateful to him. The JPM School immensely benefitted from the wise guidance received from him as the School Manager. Speaking on the occasion Mr.Mittal also threw light on the Steller role Mr.Mehta played as Hony. General Secretary of Indian Blind Sports Association (IBSA) in the development and growth of blind sports in the country. It is a tribute to his vision and hard work that IBSA is today counted among the leading organizations in India serving in the field of disability. Several other speakers who spoke on the occasion, remembered him as a warm-hearted and helpful person and an able administrator, who enjoyed immense love and respect from the staff and associates.

On behalf of the Association Mr.Misra presented to Mr.Mehta a memento Salver and Mrs.Benu Nath a Buddha statue. The BRA staff and JPM School staff also as a token of their love and respect presented to Mr.Mehta gifts from their sides.

On this occasion the Association made the formal announcement of appointment of two senior serving staff members, namely, Mr.C.P.Mohanan as the Deputy Executive Secretary (Administration); and Mr.Abslom David as Deputy Executive Secretary (Operation) to take over from 2 May 2016.

25 April 2016

Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education (V.I.), New Delhi
Due to Recent Notification from University of Delhi, No Off-Line application will be entertained for Admission. All Candidates are now required to visit the University of Delhi website and apply On-Line mode.

No separate prospectus and form will be available from the College sales counter.

Those who have already purchased the prospectus and/or have submitted the form are requested to take the refund of their money by submitting the acknowledgement receipt along with the prospectus at the College sales counter.

Any previous communication in this regard is now null and void.

By Order

Course Director 


14 April 2016

Mr.Rajpal, Computer Instructor and Mr. Rishabh Chaurasia, a Class XII student of the Blind Relief Association’s JPM School were the first recipients of the Braille version of the 27th Edition of Limca book of Records 2016, formally launched at a ceremony held this morning in the Association’s Gandhi Hall. The copies were handed over by the Chief Guest Mr.K. S. Narayana Murthy, the famous IT Industrialist and co-founder of Infosys, and Mr. Venkatesh Kini, President, Coca-Cola India and South West Asia. The 27th Edition of Limca Book is dedicated to 15 Specially Abled Limca Book of Records people being felicitated this year for their outstanding achievements in different walks of life.

At ceremony held in the Association’s Gandhi Hall Mr. Narayanan Murthy addressing a gathering of over 100 students and trainees of different units of the Association, emphasised that each one should have some aspiration, a goal in life and the determination to work hard. Challenges and handicaps are part of life. This has been demonstrated by the 15 specially abled persons who are being felicitated by the Limca Book of Record subsequently at a function scheduled the same day. Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Venkatesh Kini, President Coca-Cola India hoped to see the names of some outstanding students and trainees finding place in future editions of Limca Book.

9 April 2016


Anil Mehto Eleven won the 23rd Subodh Trophy Cricket Tournament of the JPM School in the final played today (9 April) at Blind Relief Association ground. Anil Mehto Eleven scoring 274 for 2 in 16 overs trounced Tushar Chauhan Eleven which could score only 193 runs for 8. In the first match of the tournament played on 8 April, Anil Eleven scored 198 for 2 in 9.3 overs to defeat Tushar Eleven, which scored 197 runs for 5 in 12 overs. In the second match Tushar Eleven scored 238 runs without the loss of any wicket against 233 for 4 scored in 12 overs. Satyam (Partial Blind) was the highest scorer of the tournament with unbeaten 211 runs. He was also the highest wicket-taker with overall booty of 4 wickets bagged by him.

The tournament is named after Subodh Garg, a cricket crazy student of the JPM School who met untimely death in 1993. The responsibility of organizing the tournament is entrusted to the students of class IX .

7 April 2016

Farewell to Class XII Students

To bid farewell to the students of Class XII of JPM School a function was held today at the BRA’s Gandhi Hall. Mr. K.J.Kuriyan, Principal, Mr.S.Keshav Kumar, Vice Principal Mr.P.C.Mehta, Manager JPM School and Mr. K. C. Pande, Executive Secretary, BRA wished the students good result in the Board Examination and brilliant academic life ahead and every success in life. Deepak Mittal, Prabhat, Sintu Shah speaking on behalf of the outgoing students expressed gratitude to their teachers and the staff of the Association for the most valuable guidance and support they received over the years as students and as hostellers. The Association presented to each one a folding-cane made in the Association’s workshop, and some select articles and writings transcribed in Braille. The students presented to the School a scanner for the benefit of the students. Later in the evening, the students hosted a thanksgiving party for the team of volunteers who have been helping them in studies, and been great friends. The volunteers included, Ms.Saroj Gurnani, Ms. Urvashi Agarwal, Ms Rachna Malik, Ms Anu and Ms Indira Gulati.

1 April 2016

New Academic Session of JPM School Begins

The 2016-17 academic session of JPM School for the Blind being run by the Blind Relief Association, Delhi  commenced on 1 April 2016. Earlier on 31 March, the results of the yearly final examinations were announced at the School Assembly held in the Gandhi Hall. On the occasion parents of the students were also present.

The School recorded overall 99.38% success rate, that is, 161 out of 162 students studying in nursery to class IX and class XI passing their annual examinations.  The results of students of class X and class XII, who appeared in CBSE Board examination is awaited. 

Results being announced by Dube Sir

28 March 2016


MATTERS OF COMMUNITY (MOC),  a California USA-based non-profit charity has contributed US $ 1000/- for project TWINKLE – a dance training programme for the students of JPM School.
MOC was founded in 2004 by Neal Bharadwaj, a high school junior, who was inspired by volunteering experience at a resource centre in Milpitas for disabled children and their families.  Through the use of music, art, theatre and sports MOC takes on projects directly with individuals as well as funds activities of other non-profit organisations that share the MOC mission.

MOC’s relationship with the Blind Relief Association, Delhi is over 6 year old.  It began when Neal and his brother visited the J.P.M. Sr. Sec. School in the Association and gave a clarinet recital for the School students.  This first interaction led to the second visit when the two brothers  jointly with the JPM students presented a music programme at the School. Upon returning to California they generated funds to support upgrading of the Music Room of JPM School. In 2014, MOC provided a donation to acquire Braille Printer and related hardware and software for upgrading Braille production facilities at the BRA.

1 March 2016


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Examination for Class XII commenced on 1 March 2016 today with English subject examination. The Association's JPM School has been designated as CBSE Examination Centre for the visually impaired students. 60 visually impaired students from different schools, including 16 from JPM School are appearing for their Board Examination at this Centre.

26 February 2016


To celebrate the grand success of the Musical Play 'KHUSHI - Ek Ehsaas' and to thank the production team and the young actors, dancers and singers of JPM School who took part in the play, a Thank You Tea was hosted by the Blind Relief Association in its premises on 26 February 2016. Justice Dr. A.S.Anand, President of the Association warmly congratulated the entire team led by Director Ritu R.Chandra who also conceptualized the play. Sumiko Nanda, who did photography and behind the scene promo; Amita Chadha, who designed and did art work; Archana Shiromani, who choreographed and did music editing for the play; and Gauri Kohli, who did PR for the play also joined the Thank Tea. On this occasion the students a dance sequence from the play.

20 February 2016


A Health Screening Camp was organised at the Blind Relief Association on 20 February 2016 , under the aegis of Mogel Vision’s Healthcare Team. The Team was led by Senior Consultant Dr. Alok Chandra Johri (of Gangaram Hospital), who was assisted by Junior Consultants Dr. Angel and Dr. Moksh; One male and Female Staff Nurse, and one Technician. They examined nearly 300 children and adult students, trainees and staff of the Blind Relief Association.

20 February 2016

Annual Sports Meet of Durgabai Deshmukh College of 

Special Education 

The Annual Sports Meet of The Blind Relief Association's Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education (V.I.) (University of Delhi) was held its Annual Sports Meet in the Association's lawns on Saturday, 20 February 2016. All the students of the College enthusiastically participated in a variety of conventional and non-conventional sports events.

19 February 2016

BRA Remembers Its Founder Umesh A. Basrurker

A Remembrance Meeting preceded by Havan Ceremony in memory of Late Sri Umesh A Basrurker, who along with his wife Smt.Anusuya Basrurker  founded the Blind Relief Association in 1944, was held today marking his 57th death anniversary.   A crusader of empowerment of persons with visual impairment through education and skill training Sri Basurker started activities of the Association in 1946 with just 2 students enrolled in the Industrial Home and School for the Blind started in a rented premises in the Lal Kuan, Badarpur in the outskirts of Delhi.  He along with his wife envisioned and prepared a grand blueprint of activities to be conducted from the Association’s own premises in New Delhi.  Unfortunately,  Sri Basrurker, soon after the demise of his wife Smt Anusuya in July 1958, passed away on 19 February 1959, before the superstructure of the buildings he envisioned and whose foundation stone was laid by Dr.Helen Keller in 1955 could come up. The range of services being rendered by the Association today is a grand tribute to this noble couple and their vision.    

Dr.Helen Keller at the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony.
Mr.Basrurker (seated extreme left) (9 April 1955)  

Prayer & Havan 

Prayer after the Havan

12 February 2016

Vasant Panchami in the BRA

Vasant Panchami was celebrated with fervor and devotion by the students of JPM School who were joined by trainees from other units of the Blind Relief Association. Sarasvati Puja and Havan were conducted with Ram Kumar Sharma Sir performing the role of priest. The students recited Sarasvati Vandana in Sanskrit and also Sarasvati Chalisa. In a brief music programme Sri K C Pande and Dr. Ravinder Partap presented traditional compositions in Ragas associated with the Spring (Vasant) season. The programme concluded with distribution of Prasad. Entire programme was managed by the Class X students of JPM School.


6 February 2016

Over 500 students, trainees, alumni and staff, many with their family members participated in the Annual Picnic held on 6 February 2016 at Mahaveer Vanasthali Park in the Central Ridge. It was a fun-filled day. There was ghoomna, khelna, khana, gaana.

Ghoomna Phirnaa

On a Swing
Gup Shup

Exploring a tree (Fishtail Palm)

Mahabhoj Lunch 

Enjoying yummy food

Some Music Ganaa Bajanaa

Performance by children leave the audience spellbound 

Some pictures

The Blind Relief Association, Delhi

KHUSHI - Ek Ehsaas
a Musical Play enacted the students of JPM School for the Blind

At Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg, New Delhi
Friday, 22 January 2016 at 6:30 p.m.
Tickets: Rs.1500, 1000, 750, 500 & 350

13 January 2016

Laptop for Topper in the First Batch of Diploma Course in Computer Education (V.I.)

In a small function held on Tuesday , 12th January 2016, Ms. Prabhjot Menon presented a laptop in memory of her mother Late Mrs. Gurjit Mehta to Mr. Hidayat Hussain Ansari who stood first in the first batch of trainees of “Diploma in Computer Education (VI) Course in recognition of his outstanding performance. Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Prabhjot Appreciated the Association for having introduced this course which brings V.I at par with sighted as far as technological advancements and empowers V.I to work independently. She assured the Association that her family would continue to recognize the achievement of topper of future batches also.
The function was also attended by her father and all trainees of existing batch. Mr. K.C. Pande, Executive Secretary thanked her and her family for the kind gesture.

8 January 2016


25 staff members of Haldor Topsoe India Pvt. Ltd., Faridabad spent half a day in the Blind Relief Association rendering voluntary service in candle making, bookbinding and school library.  As a token of appreciation of the diverse services rendered by the Association and in memory of the fruitful time spent by the team gifted an electric sewing machine to the Association. This electric sewing machine is a most welcome gift for the sewing training section which at present has manually operated machines only.  The trainees will now be able to learn to work also on electrically-operated  sewing machines.  Thank you so much friends from Haldor Topsoe India.

8 January 2016


The Technical Training Centre of the Blind Relief Association hosted today an Industrial Motivation Campaign conducted by MSME Development Institute, Government of India. The idea was to motivate the current and former vocational trainees towards entrepreneurship through starting small business of their own.  Nearly 30 persons trained by the Association in different vocational skills participated. Several of them varied questions relating to the panellists comprising Mr.R.K.Panigrahi, Director MSME Institute, Ms Madhu Malti, NSIC , Mr.Rajesh Verma, Manager, Canara Bank, Ms Vanshi Uniyal, Investigator  and Mr.K.K.Goel, former Director, MSME Institute.  The Campaign was inaugurated by Mr.Panigrahi, who assured that he would do concrete follow up on this encouraging interaction with trainees and work out programmes in cooperation with the Blind Relief Association.


>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<

19 December 2015

72nd Annual Day of BRA

The students of JPM School, Durgabai Deshmukh College of Special Education and other units of the Blind Relief Association presented an impressive cultural programme in the 72nd Annual Function of Association held on 19 December 2015. The Chief Guest was Mrs. Meenakshi Lekhi, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) who has been associated with the Association for many years. Mrs. Vinita Shankar, Deputy Director of Education was the Guest of Honour. The music, dance, drama items presented by the students and trainees were greatly appreciated by the audience. "CHALLA" a Punjabi folk song presented by the students trained by School's Music Teacher Dr.Ravinder Partap received thundrous applause. This presentation by the JPM School students was the official and prize winning entry of Delhi in KALA UTSAV a national level competition organized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.  On this occasion the students of JPM School and Durgabai Deshmukh College and the vocational trainees received prizes for their academic and vocational excellence. Also, employees completing 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years were presented Long Service Award. 

2 December 2015


On the eve of World Disability Day a KAVI SAMMELAN was hosted by the Blind Relief Association in its premises on 2 December 2015. The event was organized in cooperation with Delhi Police at the initiative of Sri. Ved Prakash, Station House Officer, Nizamuddin Police Station who himself is an accomplished poet. Included among the established poets reciting their poems were three visually challenged poets Dr. Dayal Singh Pawar, Sri.Chandraveer and Shailendra Sheel. Also, Sri Ajay Dixit, a managing committee member also briefly read out his poem. Sri Dinesh Raghuvanshi conducted the Sammelan. 



3 October 2015

शत शत नमन बापू

२ अक्टूबर प्रातः महात्मा गांधी की १६६ वीं जयंती के अवसर पर ब्लाइंड रिलीफ एसोसिएशन में एक प्रार्थना सभा हुई। सभा का आयोजन J P M स्कूल के छात्रों ने किया जिसमे छात्रावास में रहने वाले छात्र, प्रशिक्षार्थी और कर्मचारियों शामिल हुए. छात्रों द्वारा समवेत स्वर में बापू को प्रिय रामधुन और नरसी मेहता के भजन 'वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये' के सुमधुर गायन से सभा का शुभारम्भ हुआ. कार्यकारी सचिव ने इस अवसर पर महात्मा गांधी के दक्षिणी अफ्रीका में सविनय अवज्ञा के अभिनव प्रयोग के विषय में बताया और उनके अहिंसा और मानवता के सन्देश पर डाला और नेताजी सुभाष चन्द्र बोस द्वारा २ अक्टूबर १९४३ में बैंकाक रेडियो से प्रसारित गांधी जी के ७५ वें जन्मदिवस पर उनके प्रति उद्गार पढ़ कर सुनाये. दीपक मित्तल, प्रभात, सिंटू शाह और बलराम ने बापू के जीवन के कुछ प्रसंग सुनाये और उनके सत्य, अहिंसा, अंत्योदय और पर्यावरण के प्रति संवेदनशीलता के संदेशों की ओर इंगित किया. सभा का समापन भी वैष्णव जन और रामधुन से हुआ. सभागृह में गांधी जी की किसी प्रतिमा या चित्र के बदले रखा गया चरखा एक आकर्षण था जिसे वे कर्म, स्वावलम्बन और ग्रामोत्थान का प्रतीक मानते थे . अनेक छात्रों ने उस चरखे का हाथों से निरीक्षण भी किया.

नीचे आप जो चित्र देख रहे हैं उसमे बच्चे चरखे का स्पर्श-निरीक्षण कर रहे हैं और ऊपर दीवार में लगा है एक तैल-चित्र जिसमे गांधी जी को प्रातः -कालीन प्रार्थना सभा में बैठे दिखाया गया है. यह चित्र प्रसिद्ध हंगारी कलाकार और गांधीजी की शिष्या सुश्री एलिज़ाबेथ ब्रुनेर की रचना है जिसे उन्होंने अक्टूबर १९६९ में ब्लाइंड रिलीफ एसोसिएशन के गांधी शताब्दी स्मारक हॉल के उद्घाटन के अवसर भेंट किया था.

9 September 2015

Remembering late Sri K.N.Nayar on his 97th birthday

K.N.Nayar is a name which will always be remembered with great respect and gratitude whenever we talk about the Blind Relief Association and the services rendered by this institution. Born on 9 September 1918 in Kottapadi in Thissur District, Kerala, Sri Nayar, after finishing High School joined the Royal Indian Army Supply Corps in 1942, as a Stenographer. After getting voluntary release from the Army Sri Nayar joined Sri U A Basrurker, the founder of the Association in June 1947. Self-effacing Sri Nayar served the Association with total commitment till his last days in 1991, when he was incapacitated due to brain haemorrhage. Following the footsteps of the founders, Sri Nayar carried forward their mission of “Helping the Blind Help Themselves”. His contribution to development and growth of Association is unparalleled.

Smt B.Tarabai, among the earliest associates of Basrurkers and former Vice-President of BRA, recalling the contribution of Sri Nayar in an article published on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the B.R.A. in 1969, wrote “ …. Bad days befell the Association (on passing away of Smt. & Sri Basrurker in 1958 &59) for want of finances, although there was no dearth of workers with Mr. K.N. Nayar, the devoted and loyal Secretary to Mr. Basrurker who carried on the work and is still doing the work of Executive Secretary during his spare hours. But for his whole-hearted devotion and his selfless service and sacrifice of all his earnings and holidays to the school, the Managing Body of the School would not have been able to carry on the work of the Association and the School. Many associates and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Basrurker experienced difficulties in order to keep the project alive.”

A true Gandhian and a man of frugal and simple habits Sri Nayar spent the best part of his life, bestowing his personal attention on the care and wellbeing of the children and adult receiving education and training in the B.R.A. In total disregard of his health and interest he worked unceasingly till the end. His love, compassion and services would leave none unaffected. No doubt there are any number of his former associates, co-workers, students, trainees who still cherish vivid memories of Sri. K.N.Nair in their hearts.

An archive group photo with Blind Scouts. Seated on chairs are Sri Lal Advani, Dr.Durgabai Deshmukh, Justice Vyas dev Misra, Dr. C D Deshmukh. Among the stnding are Sri K N Nayar, Sri O N Talwar, Sri A K Mittal, Scout Master Sri A C Mukherjee, Headmaster Sri Ramji Dass

(Seated from right to left) Sri K N Nayar, Sri Lal Advani, Sri H M Periwal,
Sri G L Bansal, Dr.C D Deshmukh, Dr Bharat Ram, Sri D R Beri, Sri A K Mittal

Receiving a guest with Dr Bharat Ram,
 behind him is Sri Pran Nath and Mrs Mani
Mr Nayar along with staff manning the BRA stall
at Diwali Bazar. Seen in the picture
 (in front Sri C V Narayanan, Sri R N Agarwal.
Seated behind are Sri Nayar and Sri Jagdish Singh

Sri Nayar watching a child playing chess

Picnic at Buddha Jayanti Garden
Sri Nayar (extreme right) in a relaxing mood with staff members Sri Darshan Lal, Sri Natthu Singh, Sri Nanku, Sri Swaran Singh, Sri Ramasrey Ram (on front) and Sri Abdul with unidentified person.

With Sri Nasiruddin Shah at the premier of film SPARSH (which was shot at the BRA) at Archana theatre

6th February 2012                                                  Award Ceremony

National Award for the Blind Relief Association, Delhi

The National Award Certificate
Association’s Hony.Executive Secretary receiving the National AwardRashtrapati Sri Pranab Mukherjee.Seen in the picture Kumari Selja, Minister of Empowerment, Sri D.Napoleon, Minister of State andSmt Stuti Kacker,Secretary, Department of Disability Affairs (MSJE).

The Blind Relief Association, Delhi, has been conferred with the prestigious National Award for the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, 2012 under the category – Best Institution Working for the Cause of Persons with Disabilities by The Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.  The Award was presented in person by the President of India at a function held on Wednesday, 6th February 2013 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.The Blind Relief Association was among the 48 individuals and institutions honoured with National Awards under 13 categories.
The Association dedicates this award to its visionary founders Sri. Umesh U. & Smt. Anusuya Basrurker, and to the achievements of its thousands of students and trainees,as well as to the devoted and hard work of its staff and management over the years.

  Group Photo of National Awardees with the Hon’ble President